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Water-base Coatings

Excellence in Metallics 

We have been pioneers in the development of water-base paint. Metalink coatings are water-base vinyl-acrylic latex based paints, pigmented in a variety of colors. Our coatings are ready to use. As very little setting occurs, just mix with a paddle and not by mechanical means. Metalink does not require any thinning and does not require a primer. 


Apply to a clean surface free of release agent or any surface contamination.

Metalink coatings can be applied to any convenient method: brushing, rolling or spraying.  Spraying give the most uniform surface finish.  Spraying application can be done by conventional air spray, HVLP or airless.  It is recommended to remove any filters from the equipment.  Optimum conditions would be to use a continuously agitated pot with an air spray, and a tip with an orifice of 1.8-2.2 mm.

If a little thinning is desirable, this can be done by adding some water.

Clean-up of equipment is with soap and water.

Do not apply when temperature is below 50 degrees F.

Drying time will vary depending on temperature and humidity, but under ideal conditions the coating will dry in 15 to 20 minutes.  However, the vault should be allowed to cure overnight before transportation. Extra drying time should be allowed during times of high humidity.